I recently watched Brick and I think I have a new favorite movie.

I loved the character Laura. She's such a little vixen, and it didn't hurt that she had some rad outfits. Since the movie is a modern take on film noir, her costumes were reminiscent of another era, but still current. I looooooove the outfit in the first two photos and the feather hair clip.

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Sand + Gareth Pugh
I really love the contrast between the natural (beach) and the unnatural (that masterpiece of a dress).

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miss u bb

Every Night, RVA Magazine vol. 5 is. 2

RVA is the arts / culture magazine for Richmond. Usually has great articles, and almost always has a little fashion editorial at the end of every issue featuring clothes from various local boutiques.

The most recent editorial makes me want to kick myself for not being in Richmond for the summer. It epitomizes summertime in the river city. Instead, I'm stuck at home (NoVa, the suburbs of DC for you N00bz), and workworkworking. At least I'm not as broke as I was before.

Oh, summer.

to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die

La Dolce Vita, Teen Vogue December 2008/ January 2009

This, as with many Teen Vogue editorials, makes me wish I had a cute fashionable boyfriend to play dress up with :3

I'm 20 and I still read Teen Vogue. It was the only teen magazine I could really stomach back then, and now that I'm older, I still find myself in awe of the editorials. They always remind me that fashion should be fun, and not be taken too seriously.

things that are really neat

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they srike again

I've seen these two guys all over the internetz. WHO ARE THEY, and why aren't they my bffs?

Months ago, I stumbled across the following picture;
I posted this on Facebook with the caption "More guys should dress like this." You would not believe the response I got... mostly WTF THEY LOOK GHEY / LIKE GIRLS comments.

Honestly, I think they look amazing. I wish I had the balls to dress like that.

Images via Jack&Jill and NY Times.

Lady Dior

This is the preview for the Lady Dior short film "Lady Noire."

They could not have picked a better person, she is absolutely stunning, classy, and GLAMOROUS. I have such a girl crush on her.

Stills from "Lady Noire" & ONTD


In the previous post, I posted a picture of Joseph Gordon Levitt from the June 2009 issue of Esquire. I decided I'm going to post some of the rest, enjoy!


Tie Me Up Tie Me Down, GQ April 2008

You can thank me later...

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