light denim, pt 2

I apologize if I'm beating a dead horse here, but I do think all the variations I've seen so far of this budding trend are quite lovely.

lookbook, the Sartorialist, fashiontoast, Garance Dore, & lindarr from chictopia

PS, since I'm a blogging n00b, I need to figure out how I'm going to take outfit photos. Then hopefully, I'll be posting more soon so WATCH OUT WORLD.

OMG it's the kool aid dude!!!

See the resemblance?

My friend and I spotted this while waiting for our bus at the Greyhound station. I thought I'd share.


This DIY seems to be a big hit with the fashion bloggers of the world. I couldn't resist, I made my own too.

Me, lulu and your mom, xokochamciexo, & childhood flames

light denim

The new flannel / plaid, yes or yes?

The Sartorialist, Cobrasnake, Cory Kennedy via Wireimage, NAST magazine, & Garance Dore


Olivia Thirlby on Paper Magazine, VPL, Alexander Wang, Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters

I need to invest in some bras, such as these. I love exposed bras (done right). See previous post, I'm obsessed with that bra :)

A Fendi bag and a bad attitude.

This has to be one of my favorite music videos. It's so ridiculous, but sweet. The girls look so cool. I wish people still dressed like this, it just seems so fun. I did a little "photoshoot" with my friend Claudia, somewhat inspired by this. It looks like a wannabe Terry Richardson photoshoot, but I'm ok with that. I plan on doing more like this, but in much better locations and such. This was just a spur of the moment thing on a boring weekday night. Fun times. Womp womp.

fo twentay

First post.
I've been meaning to start a blog for so long. Well here it is.
More to come...