This DIY seems to be a big hit with the fashion bloggers of the world. I couldn't resist, I made my own too.

Me, lulu and your mom, xokochamciexo, & childhood flames


  1. yours turned out really great =)

  2. i think this is great! Alexander Wang meets Rodarte ;-)

  3. well done on the diy!

  4. I don't think anyone could resist this DIY.
    I did it too.
    Your looks good.

  5. Too bad I have no patience to keep shredding :/

  6. Looks cool :) I definitely need to jump on this shredding/studding bandwagon. My DIY projects always seem to end up with me in tears and someone offering to sew my disaster back up to what it was haha. xoxo

  7. Oh I love this Tshirt ! beautiful !
    Lovely blog !
    *kisses lucille

  8. It turned out really well! And thanks for the tip on the Valentino dress- now I can fruitlessly lust after it in a much more specific way!

  9. Yours turn out great! I have been wanting to try.. maybe, juz maybe this is what I will do this weekend as we have a long weekend here!

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