quick post before I head off to the beach...

So kickass, I love old school Madonna forever & alwaysI thought I'd post this for no apparent reason, other than the fact that I just stumbled across it on the interwebs and I had not seen it before...

Alsoooooo, When I get back to Richmond I fully intend on studding SOMETHING in my wardrobe. I came across this tutorial from PARK & CUBE and I can't wait until I get the chance to do this! MUST. PURCHASE. STUDS.

But, what to stud? The bag above from the tutorial is fab, but I'm thinking I might stud a pair of shoes...

...as such

via OAK
I bought a pair of ballet pink oxford/jazz shoes from H&M a few weeks ago, I may have to go back to see if they have any black ones left, since they will be soft enough to puncture.



Kohl's (Fang) white tunic top, forever 21 shorts, We Who See (UO) sandals

I like how these turned out, even though they do look a little Myspace angle-esque.

the only color I feel like wearing

... is white.Steven Meisel via polkadots&vodkashots

I am human and I need to be loved.

See more videos on modelinia.com
I thought this was so cute and endearing. Models who are actually human, I'm not used to this...

bad girl

Still in a blogging funk.Thinking about starting a tumblr so I can post random janks such as this picture. But then again I probably don't need another thing keeping me on the internet when I probably should be doing other more important things...
I got a bowler hat today at Target when I was supposed to find affordable furniture for my room in my house in reesh-mond. Whoops :)

recent purchases

Urban Outfitters & Forever 21

I'm in a denim/ light blue/ floral phase. 90s revival (I sound like a broken record).


... I haven't felt like blogging lately. Meh.

I went sailing today with my family, it was a really nice day. However, now I'm horribly sunburned. It doesn't help that it's really blotchy and burns like a mother.

In other news, I want this ring set by Iosselliani that has now mysteriously disappeared from La Garconne. Maybe it sold out, nooooooo!
The perrrrrfect mix of gold and silver. Gimme gimme.

PS, this mashup is blowing my miiiind. Grizzly Bear's "Knife" vs. The Knife's "Heartbeats."