So I desperately need a haircut. I should just let my hair go wild and braid it a la Alexander Wang for a few weeks until I give in and actually get it cut.
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There have been so many amazing collections this season. I can't wait to see what Paris brings out of the woodwork. I will write some better posts soon... Trust.


My homie G Adrian from VCUstyle

DIRTY RICHMOND is a kick ass new blog chronicling Richmond (but really, mainly VCU) street style. There have been a few Richmond street style blog attempts in the past, but ultimately, they were either shut down or were neglected. Hopefully, this one will stay afloat! I'm so glad my fellow classmates look so fly.

I will make a proper fashion week post soon, I have too much to say. Spring collections seem to always be my favorites.

AA vs. Runway?

Balenciaga Fall 2009

Erin Fetherson Spring 2010

Charlotte Ronson Spring 2010

Photos via & American Apparel... duhhh.

It's been a while

I've been a horrible blogger lately (well I'm not really a spectacular one in the first place).

For a while I didn't have internet. Towards the end of August I moved into my new house in Richmond with my favorite betches, and for the first few weeks we just stole a weak nearby signal, making it hard to anything for too long on the internet, like blogging. Also, I haven't felt very inspired until now. Expect more posts soon, and sorry my dear readers that this post is so lame!

I've been very interested in eyebrows lately, a la John Galliano Spring 07 rtw
My current Facebook picture, just to remind my friends of how creepy I am.