Too bad I'm broke as HAYLL at the moment. Sad face.
I can still dream, can't I?

MinkPink Donna Bustier Dress from Nasty Gal
90s revival! YES YES, this dress is perfection.

We Who See Field Boot from UO.
I love lace up boots. I probably won't be getting any anytime soon now that it's spring :|

Cross-body bags by Katzi from Pixie Market
I already have a slouchy tan cross body bag that I use quite religiously. However, I'd like to add something more structured to my wardrobe.

T by Alexander Wang t-shirt/dress hybrids from La Garconne
Everyone is shitting bricks over this line, and I am no exception. I can see the beauty in a finely made, basic tee. I bet they feel lucious and drape so well. I live in black and white tees... but I don't know if I have enough pride to blow $90 on a t shirt though... Perhaps American Apparel will have to do (not hating here).

Bowler hat from Target
I don't really wear hats much, so that needs to change. However, like the boots, I will probably wait on this. But fo real fo real, this hat needs to get in my closet, asap.


Joseph Gordon Levitt, you are hot sex on a platter. You are on my wishlist indefinitely.


  1. omfreakingg. love is an understatement for that nasty gal dress. WHERE can you buy it?!?!?!

  2. I agree with the above statement and Joseph Gordon Levitt is soo so so SO SOO hot.

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