Ah, this picture sucks, but omgz I'm finally making an ~outfit post~
albeit a sucky oneKohl's (energie) red maxi dress, UO sandals (not pictured, but I mentioned them in this post)

I guess this is kind of anticlimatic, since I'm not really wearing anything crazy, but I do looovvvvveee this dress. I work at Kohl's in my hometown when I'm not at VCU and I had been eyeing this maxi dress for a while. I finally bought it a few days ago. We have a bunch of different ones in stock and several of my coworkers were bugging me to try one on since they thought I'd look good in them (I'm about 5'7, so I guess that's taller than average?). I was doubtful, but I fell in love with this one. Maxi dresses are so summer-y, and I liked how this one was in red, not a very summer-y color in my eyes. It's so comfortable too, and it was perfect for this 90+ degree day.


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