h&m spring 2010 preview

My favorites:


I really LOVE the 90s florals (duh). THE LACE MOTORCYCLE JACKET IS INGENIOUS, WOW. The shoes, bags, and the sheer body suit are all really aesthetically pleasing to my eyes as well. Way to step it up, H&M.


I can honestly say that I would wear ALL of those sweaters. I love the sheer cardigan the most. The accessories for men this season are also really nice, and could work for women as well.

all photos via Fashion Bits and Bobs


  1. My god H&M you are TOO good lately.

    Love Grace.

  2. oh. my. god. i would sell a limb for that lace jacket.

    sorry i havent stopped by here in awhile but thanks for the sweet comment!!! you're very cute!



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