rainy daze

So this past week, the weather has been terrible. Rainy and/or humid every day. That's Virginia weather for you! You never known what to expect. But lately I've felt like I'm in Seattle, and not in a good way. Meh. So all in all, I've felt very uninspired lately. I hate how the weather seems to control my moods.

I went shopping and picked up a few things... nothing spectacular or crazy, just a few nice and versatile pieces.

Target (Mossimo) asymmetrical tee

I am a sucker for white t-shirts. I loved the silhouette of this particular shirt.

I also got a black tulip skirt with these awesome slouchy pockets (also from Target) but I can't seem to find a picture on the website. Boo!

swimsuit from Victoria's Secret
I've finally found the perfect red swimsuit! And it makes my boobs look awesome! The rest of my body is another story, lawl.

I'm hopelessly pale and I don't really tan or even burn. I feel like the red will compliment my skintone. Kind of like this (except I'm not blonde)
via polkadots & vodkashots

I'm kind of glad glad pale is coming back in to fashion (slowly but steadily). As I've gotten older I've started to feel a little less self conscious about my vampire skin.

That above statement kind of comes across wrong. I think all skintones are beautiful, to be honest. I just wish that there was a wider, accepted scheme of colors deemed "beautiful."




  1. the bikini looks awesome, also, I cant stop staring at the target model's photoshoped arms lol

  2. OMG YOU'RE RIGHT, now that's all I see ewww.

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